Launch Checklist

Below are a few things to consider before launching an online store, mobile app or IoT integration. Depending on the type of project you're launching, your checklist may look a little different.

Consider these as helpful reminders. 😉

Added a payment gateway While we provide a number of out of the box payment gateways, you may wish to integrate your own payment gateway via the manual gateway option. Before you launch a store that accepts payments, you will need to have an active (enabled) payment method.

Set a default currency By default we assign USD as the default currency when you create a new project. You may wish to add or update this currency with your preferred options.

Set product prices Make sure to set a price for your products you have set as live. This will prevent any mistakes when selling items for free when they should be paid. You can also set products as draft that you don't want to sell immediately. Only live products are displayed in your project.

Export optimised images You will want to modify the images you deliver to be optimised for mobile. This will reduce the time it takes your visitors to browse pages of your app.