Example Projects

Moltin maintains a collection of examples that demonstrate how to use the API with a variety of server-side and client-side libraries. See each library below to view the details on how to use it with the Moltin API.

React + Shopkit

The Moltin react-microsite example is built with React and uses Shopkit to display a product carousel, add to cart button, cart and checkout flow.

Using the Now CLI you can deploy directly from GitHub. You'll need your Moltin client_id to successfully deploy.

npm i -g now # unless installed already
now moltin-examples/react-microsite -e MOLTIN_CLIENT_ID=x


Next.js is a lightweight React framework for static and server-rendered applications. This example is built using the Moltin JS SDK and provides a simple checkout flow.



The Vue example projects demonstrates how to connect the Moltin JS SDK to get all products, a single product and checkout. All of the code is available on GitHub.


This example Progressive Web App project uses the Ionic framework and the Moltin SDK.


The server repository demonstrates how you could wrap Moltin requests with GraphQL and provide your UI a single endpoint to get and mutate data.