Moltin officially maintains and supports both a JavaScript SDK and Swift SDK. Other SDKs are community driven and happily hosted within the Moltin GitHub organization.

See: Your First API Request for full details on installing the SDKs and making your first API request.

Supporting both Node.js and the client-side, the JS SDK silently handles the following:

  • refreshing authentication tokens,

  • generating automatic cart reference,

  • supporting a simple DSL for accessing resources.

The JS SDK is available via Yarn and npm to install.

yarn add @moltin/sdk # npm install --save @moltin/sdk

Browse the README for further usage details.

@moltin/request is a minimal Moltin API request library available via npm.

It supports creating a client with implicit and client_credential permissions and exposes GET, POST, PUT and DELETE HTTP methods.

This library is useful, if you don't require all of the helpers the JS SDK provides.

yarn add @moltin/request # npm install @moltin/request

Browse the README for further usage details.

Swift SDK

You'll want to install the Swift SDK to support your iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS applications.

The Swift SDK is available to install via Cocoapods, Carthage and Swift Package Manager.

//In your podfile
pod 'Moltin', '~> 3.1.0'
//Then run pod install in your terminal to install

Once the SDK is installed to your workspace you are ready to use it anywhere you want.

import moltin
let moltin: Moltin = Moltin(withClientID: 'xxxx')

Browse the README for further usage details.

Other SDKs

We happily provide community-driven SDKs that provide easy access to the Moltin API using your favorite language.

Not all API features are available but feel free to contribute via a Pull Request.