Last updated 9 months ago

This feature is currently in BETA and you should expect it to change.

You can chain filters to a query by using a colon (:) to separate your filters.

For example, to find all draft products which are physical and sorted by created_at, you can make the following request:

JavaScript SDK
Swift SDK
curl -X GET,draft):eq(commodity_type,physical) \
-H "Authorization: Bearer XXXX"
const MoltinGateway = require('@moltin/sdk').gateway
const Moltin = MoltinGateway({
client_id: 'X'
Moltin.Products.Filter({ eq: { commodity_type: 'physical' } })
.then(products => {
// Do something
let moltin = Moltin(withClientID: "<your client ID>")
.filter(operator: .eq, key: "commodity_type", value: "physical")
.all {
// Do something