API Changelog

This changelog is a list of backwards-compatible updates and fixes in the API and dashboard. These updates are rolled out automatically, but we would still like to keep you informed about the most current state of our API.

2019, December 12

  • MAJOR Removed deprecated fields on transaction responses

2019, November 26

  • MINOR Promotion code response is now paginated

2019, November 4

  • MAJOR Flow slugs can no longer be pluralised versions of core entity slugs (products, orders, etc)

2019, October 28

  • MINOR In some cases, errors to the orders endpoints would return a blank error. This has been resolved

  • MINOR Deleting a relationship on a flow will now set the fields to null, not a blank array

2019, October 15

  • MINOR Fixed an issue where whitespace in filters would cause a 500 error

  • MINOR Fixed an issue where all flows were returned when using ?include

2019, October 11

  • MINOR Fixed an issue where meta data wasn't being returned when searching for customers

2019, October 7

  • MINOR Added the ability to delete a single promotion code via a new endpoint

2019, October 4

  • MINOR Added detail to error responses that only included details in preparation to deprecate details

2019, October 2

  • MINOR Added Stripe payment gateway to attributes

2019, September 30

  • MINOR Fixed an issue where updating a file would sometimes result in a 500 error

2019, September 13

  • MINOR Currency is now formatted correctly across all formatted properties.

  • MINOR Product slug is now returned for cart items

2019, September 11

  • MINOR Order CSV exports now include the instructions field from the shipping address.

2019, September 9

  • MINOR Fixed an issue where the formatted money was not being formatted for transaction responses.

2019, September 2

  • MINOR Fixed a bug where field_type needed to be specified when updating a field and omitting it would cause a 5xx response.

  • MINOR Fixed a bug where the updated_at on a flow was not being updated when the flow was updated

2019, July 17

  • MINOR Return an error if a user tries to add a product to a cart that does not have a price in the supplied currency.

  • MINOR Return an error if more than 10 filter parameters are applied to a request.

  • MINOR Fixed a bug where adding a relationship field to some entity types could cause a 5xx response.

2019, July 10

  • MINOR Fixed a bug where new store settings could be empty.

  • MINOR Added new readonly settings.

  • MAJOR OPTIONS requests will now be handled from the nearest edge location to the client instead of our EU data centre.

2019, July 4

  • MINOR Improved validation when creating and updating integrations.

  • MAJOR Added a new payload field to webhooks with the JSON representation of the updated object. resources is now deprecated but will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

2019, July 2

  • MINOR Fixed a bug where incorrect error messages could be returned if there was an error when making a payment. For example you could get an Insufficient Stock error because of an incorrectly formatted payment request.

2019, June 24

  • MAJOR Added new methods, simple (default) and line, to calculate totals for carts and orders.

    MINOR Fixed a bug where a PUT to a cart item with a quantity of 0 would return a 404.

  • MINOR Fixed a bug where passing mismatched IDs in the URL and body, or not passing an ID in the body would cause a 5xx error.

  • MINOR You can now add a tax item at the same time as adding a cart item. See Add Product to Cart or Add Custom Item to Cart and for tax item reference see Tax Items.

2019, June 21

  • MINOR Improved error handling when making payments.

2019, June 19

  • MINOR Fixed a bug where attempting to disable any currency would result in a Cannot disable the default currency error.

2019, June 18

2019, June 11

  • MINOR Fixed bug where in some cases cart totals did not exactly reflect the order totals created after the cart was checked out. Cart totals and order totals now exactly match.

  • MINOR Fixed bug where phone number associated with address would not update correctly on PUT

2019, May 28

  • MINOR Cart items now returned with GET cart call.

  • MINOR Adding a promo code to an empty cart now returns 422: "At least one product must be included in your cart to qualify for this offer"

  • MINOR Adding the same promo code to a cart more than once returns 201 but ensures the code is applied only once.

  • MINOR Updating a modifier no longer changes the child product IDs on rebuild

2019, May 23

2019, May 21

  • MINOR Improved the safety of carts using different currencies by rejecting requests which would mix up currencies. The following use cases apply:

  1. If you attempt to add a product to a cart which contains items in a different currency, you will receive a 400 error.

  2. If you attempt to check out a cart in a different currency than the products that exist in the cart, you will receive a 400 error.

  3. If you attempt to GET a cart in a different currency than the items in the cart, then the currency header should be ignored and you will see it in the original currency.

  4. If you attempt to GET cart items in a different currency than the items in the cart, then the currency header should be ignored and you will see it in the original currency.

  • MINOR Fixed an issue with carts whereby changing the product quantity would change the order of cart items. This will now be preserved.

  • MINOR Added attribute validation so that only known events are accepted.

  • MINOR DELETE calls are now rejected to remove a relationship from a collection for incorrectly formatted requests.

  • MINOR Checkout call now returns order items in the response

2019, April 17

  • DASHBOARD Fixed inconsistent behavior of pagination in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue whereby an invalid slug would cause an error with the flows endpoint.

  • Fixed an issue whereby a payment request without an object would cause an error.

  • Fixed an issue with the validation issue being logged as error.

2019, April 9

2019, April 4

  • MAJOR Released a caching layer for /products endpoints. Cached data is now served to stores from edge locations around the world.

  • MAJOR Released live version of the Self Checkout solutions.

2019, March 19

2019, March 12

2019, March 27

  • Fixed issue with timestamp on inventory record.

2019, March 4

  • Validation error code now returns a helpful message for SingleEqualsPriceModifierViolation.

  • Fixed an issue whereby newly created Flow Field wouldn't immediately present on resource.

  • MAJOR Added Zendesk integration for improved customer support.

2019, February 4

  • MAJOR Moltin's architecture now incorporates Kubernetes.

  • Successful request to orders/:ID/payments endpoint now returns information about the transaction which was created.

  • Validation on files endpoint now checks the file parameter is passed, that it is an actual file and returns a 422 if it is not.

2018, December 18

  • MAJOR Created a tax item to calculate sales tax for individual cart items. GitHub now includes an example app showcasing TaxJar integration.

  • DASHBOARD Transactions now include the date field and show formatted values.

  • Fixed issue with filtering orders.

  • Added validation checks for file import.

2019, February 27

2018, December 11

  • Added the formatted field to transaction.data.meta showing the formatted display price.

  • transaction response now includes the created_at field.

2018, December 4

2018, November 20

  • Fixed an issue whereby GET orders.flow fields would return 404 when flow exists.

  • Fixed issue with accessing dashboard.

  • Fixed issue with stores list visible when there are no stores.

2018, November 13

  • MAJOR DASHBOARD Customers can now bulk add promo codes.

  • Fixed issue with initial POST to cart returning unformatted meta.display_price.

  • Fixed issue with child Product sku and slug not reflecting API response.

  • Fixed an issue with deleting customers through dashboard and API.

2018, November 6

  • DASHBOARD Customers can now easily delete promo codes.

  • Fixed issue with using modifier placeholder in product.slug field.

  • Fixed issue with assigning Inventory.

  • Fixed issue whereby id fields on update user and delete user are returned as integers instead of strings.

  • Fixed issue with deleting a user from a store.

2018, October 30

  • Fixed an issue whereby adding a second cart_item or deleting a cart_item wouldn’t return flow.entries for all cart_items in the cart.

2018, October 23

  • Fixed issue with creating product relationships.

2018, October 16

  • MAJORDASHBOARD Added product variations.

  • Updated validation rules for POST requests on addresses.

  • Fixed issue with additional key returned with product response.

  • Added validation for price object when adding a price modifier.

2018, September 25

  • Fixed issue with filtering on email.

  • DASHBOARD Added pagination to Customers grid.

2018, September 18

  • MAJOR Added pagination to customers.

2018, September 4

  • Fixed issue with flow to flow custom relationship.

2018, August 28

  • Added allocate and deallocate actions to inventory service.

  • Fixed issue around product to product relationships and pagination.

2018, August 21

  • MAJOR Added ​Inventory Management is now available.

  • MAJOR Order exporting is now available.

  • POST to variation.option returns the newly created option object instead of the parent variation.

  • PUT to variation.modifier returns the updated modifier object instead of the parent variation.

  • POST to variation.modifiers returns the newly created modifier instead of the parent variation.

  • MAJOR DASHBOARD Customers can now easily export order data into a CSV file.

2018, August 14

  • MAJOR Added Beta access to Inventory Management with orders.

2018, June 19

  • Added validation for the currencies array in the promotions schema.

2018, June 5

  • Resolved an issue with using payment captured events.

  • Child products now display main_images.

  • MAJOR ​Stripe Connect payment method now available.

2018, May 15

  • Resolved issue that prevented some users from working with Promotions API correctly.

  • flow to flow relationships are now available.

  • MAJOR CardConnect gateway now available.